This is Kaydie's page about fun activities in Maine.

hey kaydie taylor was here!

Hey, Im Kaydie! Well, I am going to tell you about things that I think are fun to do in Maine. First of all, I am going to tell you a little about my self. I am a Freshmen at OHCHS, and in my world, field hockey is definitely the sport to play. Of course I am your practical teenage girl, so your either going to find me on the phone or on the computer. Another thing that I love to do is explore my state. Maine is a beautiful place. During the summer, I am ALWAYS at Old Orchard Beach. My favorite season is summer, because its obvious -- summer is the best season of the year! In the summer, thats when all of the events happen. Camping for me is always a must, and plus the races at Oxford Plains Speedway start.

Check Out These Places/People In Maine!

- Old Orchard Beach
- Kennebunk/Kennebunkport - Very popular for travelers.
- Cumberland County Civic Center
- Sunday River Ski Resort
- Sugarloaf USA Ski Resort
- FunTown SplashTown
- Acadia National Park
- Bob Marley (Comedian)

If you love winter, Sunday River is where you should go. Here is a video of snowboarding at Sunday River.

Hi Kaydie - another fun thing to do is to travel to Orono in a teacher's filthy Minivan:
external image 2005_Dodge_GrandCaravan_ext_1.jpg